Free Clip from Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) Overview - Timing Expectations for the CCMP

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Released:  July 27, 2022

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You will need to commit some time to become certified. I'll talk about all of these steps in more detail in the next clip.

In order to apply for the exam, you need to complete 21 hours of instructor‑led training. You may need to wait until a training class opens up or even make travel arrangements, so this can take a few weeks by itself.

The application process has six steps, and I recommend not completing it all in one sitting. Spreading it out over a week will afford you some time to reflect and adjust your answers and ensure you don't burn out halfway through.

All applications are reviewed by trained assessors, which can take an average of two to three weeks before you can schedule your exam.

The amount of study time depends on your level of comfort. If you're relatively new to the field, you will probably require more study time than someone who has been in the field for a majority of their career. All in all, count on anywhere from three to six months to get certified if you are starting from scratch.

This course was published via Pluralsight.

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