I've sub-contracted in the past and am open to doing so again in the future. Please reach out so we can discuss the details of the opportunity. If I am already committed, I might be able to refer you to someone almost as good. ;)
Yes. In the past I have provided sub-contractors for network security work, including HIPAA. I provide experts who possess the skills you need, and who are either already established or are looking to start independent consulting. I prefer to reach out to personal contacts first, but can also reach out to my large social media network if needed. I pre-screen all candidates, check references, handle all of the legal paperwork and ensure each sub-contractor carries the necessary liability insurance. I also manage and guide them to ensure their work meets my (and your) high standards.
Yes. I plan to continue my partnership with Pluralsight, to develop additional change management and leadership courses.
Sort of. My online courses are published by Pluralsight, which is a paid service. This ensures high quality content, audio and video. However, they offer free 10-day trial memberships, which would allow anyone to watch one of my courses completely free.

If you would like more time, reach out to me for a free 30-day trial membership code.