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Learnings of a Leader

Learnings of a Leader

July 20, 2021

Stepping into leadership can be awkward for some engineers. Moving from a highly technical role into a soft skills position isn’t an overnight transition. Join us as Pluralsight author and tech leader Kevin Miller explains what you can expect when taking on a leadership role and how to successfully navigate your new capacity. From prioritization and managing expectations to building trust and delegating tasks, Kevin breaks out his roadmap for all of it.


Moving Into Leadership

Moving From Individual Contributor to Technology Leader

January 14, 2021

If you’re looking to make the move into management or have recently been promoted into a management role, this event is for you. In this live panel discussion, you’ll learn about the mindset you need to have to make the leap from individual contributor to leader, how to know if a management role is right for you and what skills are necessary to succeed in a new management role.


Wagile Event

How to Move Away From Wagile

July 30, 2020

20 years after the birth of the agile manifesto, agile transformations remain a risky challenge for organizations, and many end up in a waterfall-agile hybrid known as “wagile.” Contrary to traditional thinking, adopting a hybrid of the two methodologies is worse than just using one.



Leading in Times of Crisis

March 31, 2020

No organization is exempt from crises and their far-reaching effects. We're seeing this play out in real-time as companies around the world respond to COVID-19 by making large-scale shifts to "business as usual." No company can predict when catastrophe will come or all the operational steps to quell the storm, but one thing is certain. In times of crisis, leadership matters.