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Information Technology (IT) departments quickly earn bad reputations by not delivering value, not meeting deadlines, not providing quality solutions, not communicating effectively and they consistently go over budget.

Delta Technology’s mission:  Close the gap between IT departments and the businesses they support, by opening IT to change.

While IT departments generally stay on top of technology trends, they often lack the processes necessary to deliver consistent value compared to their cost. Delta Technology introduces concepts and processes unique to each IT department, and sometimes each individual within the department. But our job does not stop there; we implement changes side-by-side with the department to ensure they are adopted and there is immediate and long-term success. This is real-world, hands-on training and knowledge sharing that no book, web site, or classroom can offer. Our goal is not to change what IT does; it is to change how IT does it, by changing how IT thinks.

Delta Technology services the greater Philadelphia area in all forms of IT leadership consulting. This includes introducing IT teams to standards and best practices, improving operational efficiency, repairing relationships with the business departments they support and removing roadblocks so the team can deliver value. It also includes mentoring small business CEOs on what they should expect from their IT department and how to get the most out of their technology investment.

Organizational Change Management

We manage the people-side of change to ensure quicker adoption, higher levels of trust and less employee turnover.

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Strategic Leadership

We will learn what you want, assess what you have, and close the gap on knowledge, tools and processes.

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Tactical Leadership

We will see your vision through to the end by delivering the solution you expect, while keeping you informed.

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Teaching & Training

We will teach your team broad concepts and then train them on the finer details.

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Delta Technology creates online courses for online learning industry leader, Pluralsight, and has published three courses in the Managing IT series since 2017:  Metrics and Measurements was published in November of 2018, Organizational Change Management was published in December of 2017 and Communication was published in July of 2017. View the trailers for these courses below, then sign up for a free trial account to watch them.

You have a vision. We can make it a reality, by opening your IT department to change.

Delta Technology

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