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Webinar - Learnings of a Leader

Webinar - Learnings of a Leader

Posted by Kevin Miller

July 20, 2021

Quick Takeaways

Pluralsight Link: Learnings of a Leader

Quote: “Is what I'm doing right now important? If not, don't do it.”

Quote: “Avoid hope creep. Accepts the facts. You are where you are, and adjust accordingly.”

Quote: “What does it take to be a leader? A follower.”

Stepping into leadership can be awkward for some engineers. Moving from a highly technical role into a soft skills position isn’t an overnight transition.

Join us as Pluralsight author and tech leader Kevin Miller explains what you can expect when taking on a leadership role and how to successfully navigate your new capacity. From prioritization and managing expectations to building trust and delegating tasks, Kevin breaks out his roadmap for all of it.