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Webinar - Moving From Individual Contributor to Technology Leader

Webinar - Moving From Individual Contributor to Technology Leader

M Posted by Kevin Miller, Jason Alba, and Heather MacDonald

January 14, 2021

Quick Takeaways

Panel Discussion Details: Jason Alba, Heather MacDonald and Kevin Miller discuss their transitions from individual contributors to IT management, and what others should consider doing if they are considering making the switch. At the end, they also answer live questions from the audience.

Pluralsight Link: Moving From Individual Contributor to Technology Leader

Quote: “Growth and development for [your team] has got to be a priority for you.”

Quote: “You need to be able to go to the extremes, but not live in the extremes.”

Quote: “You really need to understand where you're at on soft skills.”

If you’re looking to make the move into management or have recently been promoted into a management role, this event is for you. In this live panel discussion, you’ll learn about the mindset you need to have to make the leap from individual contributor to leader, how to know if a management role is right for you, and what skills are necessary to succeed in a new management role.

Hear from three experts who made the transition from individual contributor to team, VP and C-level leadership positions and come away with actionable takeaways for the next step in your career, such as:

  • Your career is in your hands, so if you want increased responsibility, you don’t have to wait on others to make it happen
  • An excellent technologist can make a poor manager, so you can’t ignore soft skills if you want to lead people
  • People need leaders and bosses, and good managers know how to balance the two roles
  • And more