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Webinar - How to Move Away From Wagile

Webinar - How to Move Away From Wagile

Posted by Kevin Miller and Tommy van Schaik

July 30, 2020

Quick Takeaways

Problem Summary: Adopting a hybrid of waterfall and agile is a seductive illusion, leading to the worst of both worlds.

Pluralsight Link: How to Move Away From Wagile

Quote: "Wagile is the worst!"

Quote: "Wagile cannot be avoided."

20 years after the birth of the agile manifesto, agile transformations remain a risky challenge for organizations, and many of them end up in a waterfall-agile hybrid known as “wagile.” Contrary to traditional thinking, adopting a hybrid of the two methodologies is worse than just using one.

Join Pluralsight authors Kevin Miller and Tommy van Schaik as they break down the most prominent agile antipatterns within organizations. You’ll learn:

  • How to identify indicators of agile antipatterns that emerge as agile transformation progresses
  • How to effectively address these signs from each layer of the organization
  • Solutions you can apply to solve these persistent agile pitfalls