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Webinar - Project Management in the Real World

Webinar - Project Management in the Real World

Posted by Jake McFarland, Kevin Miller, Thomas Rizzo and Dr. Yide Shen

May 18, 2023

Quick Takeaways

Link: Rowan's MBA program

Quote: “Project management is preparing a change for the business. Change management is preparing the business for a change.”

Quote: “Project management is an art and a science.”

Quote: “When working with different sets of people, deliver the same message in different ways.”

Are you ready to take your project-management skills to the next level? The Rohrer College of Business at Rowan University presented an exclusive webinar that will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to manage projects effectively and successfully.

Led by a panel of expert project managers, this comprehensive webinar covered a wide range of topics, from project planning and risk management to team communication and stakeholder engagement. You'll gain valuable insights and practical strategies that you can implement immediately in your own projects.

Our panel of professionals shared their real-world experiences and best practices to help you avoid common pitfalls and achieve success. Whether you're a seasoned project manager or just starting out, this webinar is for you. You'll leave feeling empowered and ready to tackle even the most complex projects with confidence.

Topics for discussion:

  • Developing a project plan that sets clear goals, timelines, and budgets
  • Identifying and mitigating risks that can derail your project
  • Communicating effectively with your team and stakeholders
  • Keeping your project on track and within budget
  • Use project management software to streamline your workflows
  • And much more!