Our Story

After a 15-year career as a dedicated information technology (IT) professional across diverse organizations—ranging from non-profits to Fortune 50 companies—Kevin Miller discovered his true vocation. Throughout his tenure, Kevin observed a recurring pattern of inefficient spending and dissatisfied customers who lacked confidence in their IT departments’ ability to deliver timely solutions. Initially, Kevin grew weary of hearing the same unfounded concerns and frustrations. However, over time, he developed a deep understanding and empathy for these internal customers—departments seeking technology to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Kevin held a firm belief: IT departments rarely engaged in meaningful collaboration with the businesses they served. Recognizing the need for change, he embarked on a mission. In 2015, Kevin founded Delta Technology, an IT project management firm specializing in collaborative solution delivery. Gone were the days of treating IT as a mysterious black hole for requests, where critical initiatives were perpetually deferred to a vague “Phase Two.” Instead, Kevin championed a new approach—one that empowered the business to lead development efforts, provided timely insights and tools, and navigated conflicting priorities by offering relevant information for informed decision-making.

And here’s the remarkable twist: Chaos gave way to success. Complex projects were not only delivered within their full scope but also met deadlines and budget constraints. Most importantly, these solutions were swiftly embraced by end-users. As a result, customers began to rebuild trust in their IT departments, leading to a surge in new requests.

Over the years, Delta Technology has evolved into a premier boutique firm specializing in IT change management. Armed with military-grade project and program management skills, and industry-leading change management skills, Kevin and his team continue to transform organizations, bridging the gap between technology and business objectives.


Close the gap between IT departments and the businesses they support, by opening IT to change.


To effectively and efficiently integrate business and technology by enriching organizations with wisdom and tools.


The driving force behind every organization is people. And people are at the heart of our philosphy.

  1. Help Others
    • We help others because we have a responsibility to share knowledge and grow our clients' most valuable asset, its people.
    • We believe the key to helping people learn to adopt new ways of thinking and doing things is by patiently and empathetically guiding them through change.
  2. Deliver Value
    • We deliver value because our clients success is our success.
    • We believe the key to delivering value is by listening to people and understanding their needs first, then applying our knowledge and resources to solve problems.
  3. Learn and Grow
    • We learn and grow because we acknowledge our imperfections and want to improve ourselves to help more people in the future.
    • We believe the key to learning and growing is keeping open minds, humble attitudes, and remaining curious, even as subject matter experts.


Everyone at Delta Technology is committed to living our values.

  • Always Do What's Right - This is our north star, even if it doesn't always yield the most profitiable results. Doing the right thing is easy once you remove money and ego from the decision.
  • Deliver Bad News Fast - Nothing is perfect. Leaders need honest feedback and time to process the information in order to make positive changes. The sooner we deliver bad news, the sooner change can begin.
  • "Busy" is a Dirty Word - There are always a lot of things to do and not enough time to do them. Prioritize work, but ensure there is enough time remaining to build and maintain relationships.
  • Don't Hoard Knowledge - We break down information silos; we don't build them.

No Ghosting Guarantee -- Our Commitment to Communication Excellence

At Delta Technology, we recognize the critical role effective communication plays in enabling informed decisions and progress. Ghosting, a practice that reflects a lack of respect and basic courtesy, has no place in our ethos. We pledge to respond promptly to all clients, potential clients, and candidates. Our commitment to timely communication aligns with the standards of professionalism and mutual respect that we uphold.


PHOTO: Kevin Miller

Kevin is a highly accomplished, dynamic, and results-driven project and change management executive with expertise in transforming organizational culture to execute initiatives with a significant return on investment. He is a champion of process improvement and enhanced training and education to equip organizations with sustainable business and technology solutions.

Kevin founded Delta Technology in 2015 and has over 20 years of progressive experience in information technology as a developer, business analyst, project manager, program manager, change manager, mentor and trainer. Prior to founding Delta Technology, Kevin held leadership positions in three Fortune 1000 organizations.

Kevin's hobbies include teaching, scuba diving, genealogy, chess, and traveling.

Delta Technology is growing! We are currently seeking to partner with other independent consultants in all areas of IT and business development. Are you tired of reaching out to people, only to get ghosted? Don't worry. We have a no ghosting guarantee!

Delta Technology Logo

Delta Technology Logo:  Opening IT to Change

The symbol for delta is a triangle and is widely known to represent change. The Delta Technology logo has a gap on the left-hand side, creating the letters I and T, and represents exactly what the tag line states:  opening IT to change. The logo was designed by renowned logo design and ambigram specialist John Langdon.

The triangle is also a common theme used by Delta Technology when explaining the triple constraints: quality vs. time vs. cost. Everyone wants good, fast and cheap. While we will not promise to deliver all three (that is a common pitfall), we will help you narrow down your priorities and bring focus and clarity to what is most important to you. We will then execute your vision and introduce positive change into your company, by opening your IT department up to new ways of thinking.