Webinar - Learnings of a Leader

[PHOTO] - Kevin Miller

Posted by Kevin Miller
July 20, 2021

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This webinar was published via Pluralsight.

Stepping into leadership can be awkward for some engineers. Moving from a highly technical role into a soft skills position isn’t an overnight transition.

Join us as Pluralsight author and tech leader Kevin Miller explains what you can expect when taking on a leadership role and how to successfully navigate your new capacity. From prioritization and managing expectations to building trust and delegating tasks, Kevin breaks out his roadmap for all of it.

This webinar was published via Pluralsight.

Quick Takeaways

Pluralsight Link:  Moving From Individual Contributor to Technology Leader

Quote:  “Is what I'm doing right now important? If not, don't do it.”

Quote:  “Avoid hope creep. Accepts the facts. You are where you are, and adjust accordingly.”

Quote:  “What does it take to be a leader? A follower.”