Course - Change Management: Closing the Plan

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Posted by Kevin Miller
Released:  May 20, 2022

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Most change efforts in organizations tend to fade off into the sunset, leaving a team without any real closure, and management a little uneasy, because they don’t really know for sure if the outcome was worth the effort. In this course, Change Management: Closing the Plan, you’ll learn why you should properly close out a change effort and how to effectively do so. First, you’ll explore how to evaluate the outcome of the change against the original objectives. Next, you’ll discover how to evaluate lessons learned from the change, which you can then use to improve your entire change management practice in the future. Finally, you'll learn how to properly go about obtaining sponsor approval to close out the change effort. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge necessary to properly close a change effort, and be prepared for this section of the CCMP exam.

This course was published via Pluralsight.

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